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Catechesis: Borneo, 10 Novembre 2009

    All of us are instruments of God, we just need to want it and accept His will.He has not promised us goods on earth, but He has promised us the most beautiful thing: to welcome us one day and be with Him forever. In the meantime, as children of God, we must love and respect each other in his Grace.
    If we wish he will come and stay with us. The means to speak with him is prayer.
    Prayer is not work, it is not a sacrifice but praise to God…it is like daily bread, it is a desire for the Lord and a bond with Him

    He holds us in the palm of His hands and cradles us. Too bad we sometimes do not understand this.
    The seriously ill lie in institutions and hospitals while we have the best place: here to pray together! We are here for them too! Lord help our brothers!

    One must open the door of the heart and say: besides eating and drinking I want to live in you, my Lord, I want to glorify you as long as you take me with you. I am ready at all times and I thank you.
    PRAYER: My God, you who know, see, guide and enlighten us, give me grace for the suffering, the lonely, the abandoned. Even the wicked and the imprisoned are your children and I do not want to judge them.
    Help also my family and those who do not yet know you.

    I know that in life there is inevitably suffering and illness but we must accept life as it is. We say ‘yes’ to the Lord . Is it so difficult to say, “Lord, do what you want of me?” Let us strive to carry our cross with faith and a little goodwill…let us be strong, let us face problems with serenity knowing that God is with us.
    “Ask and it will be given to you” does not mean asking the Lord for a magic wand to fix all our things. It is not God who sends sicknesses to punish us.

    Pain is part of our baggage and in acceptance we come closer to Him.

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