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Excerpt from a catechesis by Fra Elia in Indonesia

    Everyone says they know how to convey peace…but you cannot without God’s Love. It doesn’t matter if our neighbor or relative, is better than us…we don’t even have to see his big faults, but discover his Love because he is our brother! The first step, then, is not to judge and then to forgive. We cannot convey Peace with words, but with loving gestures, smiles and concrete acts. If we fail to do so, we resort to prayer. Prayer unites us with God. Giving Peace means bringing the Gospel, the word of God that becomes life in our hearts. Do you see this beautiful flower? If you crushed it under your feet how would you feel? I would get chills, a voice replies.

    And if you get chills from a flower, how do you feel when you hurt one of your brothers? Conveying peace also means praying to the Lord to send our children to seminary. One person interjects: how do I do it? I have only two children…

    Fra Elia replies: one for you and one for the Lord! – “Lord, make my son strong and courageous, make him a good father or a good priest! Don’t let my son be confused and depressed!”

    Depressed people should leave everything, sit before the Lord and leave all their sorrows to Him. Experience what I am telling you and you will see how great God’s Love is! I am only giving you hints…then see for yourself. Remember that life is beautiful because it is a gift from God. Instead man destroys! God sows and man with a match burns mountains because he no longer has God in his heart. I will pray for you, for your peace and for vocations….

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