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Everyday life at the convent

    ORA ET LABORA is one of the rules of the Fra Elia Fraternity of the Apostles of God. And they work by praying with great joy. Each of them is assigned a specific job but also collective work … the house has its needs from the kitchen to the garden, from the herbalist shop to maintenance and building work.

    Fra Elia can count on many volunteers who make themselves available to him for carrying out the work at the convent, for the preparation of the feast of the Madona in September, and for the various days when pilgrims are received .

    Fra Elia receives hundreds and hundreds of pilgrims from all parts of Italy and from all over the world. He listens, counsels, comforts, encourages, confort and shakes their consciences…. at the end, preaches the Gospel to them, prays together and blesses them.

    We are Pilgrims in the world and for the world” and like Jesus’ Apostles, we will go where He tells us to go….we read in His rule. Wherever He goes, as the countless testimonies say, He always leaves an indelible sign of the Greatness of God…through extraordinary facts .

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