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Meetings in Calvi on September 30 and October 1, 2023

    Small account of meetings that took place in Calvi dell’Umbria ol September 2023

    We wish to share with you the extraordinary nature of these two days. Contrary to expectations, given the large turnout of people at the Pilgrim Mother’s feast 20 days ago, we thought it was too early for more meetings…few people would come. Instead…2 groups of French, English, Polish, many new people who wanted to get to know our extraordinary Fra Elia…even a group of South American religious, priests and nuns from the Cistercian order, who, having to travel to Rome to vote for the new chapter of the order, decided to stop by the Calvi friary first, to have the blessing of Fra Elia, who is known all over the world. Thanks be to the Lord who constantly helps Fra Elias to bring his word.

    Briefly, we also share with you a beautiful testimony of Mrs. Sylvie Bertrand from France.

    My nephew Antoine was his parents’ cross: drugged, jobless, always and only with bad company. He would stay out all day and not even return at night. The parents thought they had lost him. Someone told them about Fra Elia. Desperate they set off for Calvi as if they were going to the last beach…and in tears they asked Fra Elia for prayers for their only son whom in spite of everything they did not want to lose. The Lord listened to them.

    On their return, after a few days, Antoine phoned his parents for a meeting…he wanted to tell them about a dream.

    During the night Fra Elia appeared to him, they talked together so Antoine was convinced that he had the strength and courage to change.

    The days that followed were proof of his change. No more drugs, no more friends, no more street…just at home with his parents…shortly afterwards he set out to look for a job and after a month he found it.

    The company sent him to England to improve his English and in the meantime he studied to become an eye care technician.

    More than five years have passed. Now Antoine is married and has two beautiful children.

    God be thanked.

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