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We support the works of the convent

    Not everyone knows that Fra Elia is a charismatic, bearer of stigmata, who dedicates his life to helping others. He has been living for 20 years with his fraternity in a convent in Calvi dell’Umbria praying and working for the renovation of his convent 

    Pilgrims arriving at the convent today see it splendid, the restored frescoes, the Church (former stable) as “A REGAL CROWN” worthy of the Creator of the ‘Universe. That is how Fra Elia wanted it and he is very pleased with his work…but people do not know how many sacrifices and debts Fra Elia has exposed himself to.  Yet he never asks anything of anyone convinced that it will be the Lord who will finish the work he started. Fra Elia and his confreres rely only on Providence.

    We all know that Providence always provides for basic needs, but Fra Elia also knows that the Lord is in a hurry and we must move forward at all costs. And so, a decade ago, he mortgaged a part of the convent, managing to obtain a small loan, but after years of unrelenting work, including the guest quarters for pilgrims, the debt grew by leaps and bounds.

    Despite the fact that the work was proceeding slowly according to their possibilities and the closure of almost three years due to Covid, the friars, following their rule of ora et labora, continued to work and the convent became large, beautiful and majestic. 

    Unfortunately, to this day the work is still not finished and times are very difficult for everyone.  

    What to do to help? Why not try to pay off with the help of those who believe in it, or at least reduce the sword of Damocles of the monthly installment, even though Fra Elia stubbornly never asks for anything. It is we, outside volunteers who see, understand and do not want to give up. We would like Fra Elia and his Fraternity to live more peacefully.

    We suggest you click on Convent and look at the old photos . We thank you for what you can do.

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