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Getting to know Fra Elia better

    Three months had passed since Fra Elia had received the stigmata, and still could not believe it had happened to him. “Is there no place where medical specialists can examine me?” So it was that three Fathers left with Fra Elia for the United States of America, where there is a well-known center for study and research on the psychophysiology of states of consciousness, the “St. Margaret.” 

    Elia recounts that the trip took place about ten days before Easter. He was examined and taken in for observation by Dr. Fisher He was exhausted from the journey, sore, but serene. He submitted to God’s will. He was escorted to his room and made to lie on a bed under which was another metal mattress connected by electrical wires to an unspecified apparatus. Continuous action cameras were hung from the ceiling, and ‘clamps’ connected to a device placed on a trolley next to the bed were applied to his body.” During that hospitalization. Fra Elia experienced the Passion of our Lord Jesus while the cameras and various equipment worked, recorded and the doctors did their duty. At precisely 3 p.m. on Holy Saturday, the clamps and wires came off on their own as if torn by a higher force, the door to Elia’s room swung wide open and the trolley raced down the corridor as all the doors magically opened to let him through The doctors said, “Dear Elia, you are a ‘celestial paranormal’ and there is nothing we can do for you. It will be you, who, if you want, can do something for us…but before you return, I would like to ask you who you’re always talking to by moving your mouth without letting out a sound? Fra Elia dared not give the right answer but took his time: I’ll tell you tomorrow before we leave….

    When his Lord returned he suggested the stratagem: ask the doctors if you can take pictures of the white wall of the little church below…take them with you or bring whoever you want…each of you will take a picture…then show them to the doctor who asked you.
    So it happened. They bought a disposable camera with a roll of 12 or 24 photos and each took his own. Upon inspection, the film was all burned except for the photo of Jesus, who from then on was called the Jesus of Fra Elia.

    After this trip  Fra Elia was also examined in Italy and specifically in Milan at a specialist center where Prof. Marco Margnelli, a well-known authority on the subject, was working. On the certificate issued by him to Elia we read among other things, “Also well represented is the ‘luminescence’ modality which, generally indicates spiritual and/or parapsychological endowments. Both hands radiate blue bioplasma of maximum therapeutic power, it would seem that the entire surface of the hands emanates ‘pranic energy. 

    Prof. Margnelli points out:

    – We are all potential biomagnetic healers, only there are many obstacles that can stand between this latent potential and its actual extrusion in practice.

    The pollution that each of us suffers, such as smoking, a profligate life, vices, wickedness, weaknesses, hatred, and confused ideas prevent the manifestation of this energy. Few, therefore, are those who can keep themselves available.

    – True Pranotherapy is a priestly art, and only a few are those who can use it, so much so that at least 90 percent of healers are not pranotherapists. 

    Valerio Sanfo, a well-known pranotherapist, always tells his students that surely, already after a few lessons, they will be able to help other people relieve their ills, but to do so is not to be a pranotherapist but simply a healer.

    In his lectures Valerio replaces the term Pranotherapy with Biomagnetism. The Pranotherapist is one in whom a change, an awareness, enlightenment, transcendence has taken place. The Pranotherapist knows others and loves others as himself. All of this is Fra Elia. 

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