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JESUS of Frà Elia


    “Who am I?” Elia asked Father Maurizio one day. “Isn’t there a place where medical specialists can examine me?” And so it was that three Capuchin Fathers (one is still a missionary in Africa, another has died and the third I have never been able to track down) left with Elijah for the United States of America, where there is a well-known study and research center on psychophysiology of states of consciousness, the “Santa Margherita”. Elijah sadly doesn’t remember either the state or the city, but knowing him, I don’t think he cares at all. However, the reports remained at the convent.

    Returning to Elijah’s trip to the United States, Elijah recounts that it took place about ten days before Easter. He was visited and observed by Dr. Fisher and a doctor whose name he can’t remember. He was exhausted from the journey, sore but serene. He submitted to the will of God. He was accompanied to his room and made to lie down on a bed under which there was another metal mattress connected by electric wires to an unspecified device. Continuous action cameras were hung from the ceiling and ‘clips’ were applied to his body connected to a device placed on a trolley next to the bed”. –

     He saw it again, while the TVs worked, recorded and the doctors did their duty. At precisely 3 pm on Holy Saturday, the pliers and the threads detached by themselves as if torn by a superior force, the door of Elijah’s room flew open and the trolley started running along the corridor while all the doors magically opened to let him pass… In these specific centers for research on psychophysiology, doctors can attest to the subject’s real talents and potential which are usually never 100% developed.

    So doctors help truly gifted people to fully develop those parts that are still evolving or still turned off due to physical or existential problems. In Elia’s case, the two doctors, shocked by what they had seen, continued to want to find out everything about this little brother: we have seen that you often look up and move your lips as if you were talking to someone…is that true? Yes, replied Fra Elia intimidated. May we know who you’re talking to? Fra Elia took his time and replied that he wanted to talk about it the next day. That night Fra Elia asked Jesus how he should behave and he lovingly suggested that he buy a cameradisposable and invite the two doctors or nurses to go with him to the church. They should have photographed the only available white wall, one at a time, and then immediately looked at the result. So Fra Eia accompanied by his new friends, found himself in front of the great wall. Everyone took a picture until the roll was finished .Of 24 photographs all burned, only one remained: the one that today everyone calls the Jesus of Fra Elia.

    The amazed doctors. in addition to issuing the certificates of the case, they wanted him in their office and told him: “Dear Elia, you are a ‘celestial paranormal’ and we can’t do anything for you.

    It will be you who, if you want, can do something for us”.

    So Elia, in the company of his three little brothers, returned to his convent increasingly confused and lost. For him, the most important thing was the certainty that he was not mentally ill. He knew now that he was a celestial paranormal, but what did that mean? However, he was considered simple and uneducated. What could God have wanted from him?

    More time passed and Elijah found no answer in himself. He kept asking the Lord why. Why the visions, why the pain, why that life that seemed useless to him leaving a deep sadness in Elijah’s heart. Sometimes he looked like a caged lion ready to bite, sometimes in the throes of a deep depression. What was he supposed to do? His fate would only be to receive that excruciating suffering every year? For what? He didn’t need proof to know that God exists, and neither did his brethren. No, no,… he had much more to do and he would have made sure that those “shameful things” would never happen again. He knew how… And so, after a week of sleepless nights, prayers and supplications, Elijah decided to leave the convent 


    EVEN OUTSIDE THE CONVENT HE HAD THE WAY TO EXPERIENCE that at the touch of his hands many people declared themselves healed, THEREFORE he decided to have them examined by prof. Margnelli, considered one of the most valid experts on the subject. He then went to the Study and Research Center on the Psychophysiology of States of Consciousness in Milan, not to have his stigmata recognized, but to find out if, in the future, he could earn a living with the profession of pranotherapist. After undergoing the electrographic examination of the hands according to Kirlian, the professor asked him to wait, leaving him alone for a few minutes. He wanted to check if the photos were successful. When he returned Elia had already left, leaving a delivery address. The professor ran after him to inform him of the exceptional nature of his hands, but Elia had already disappeared and later he had no choice but to send him the response which among other things says: «… the luminescence mode is also well represented which in gender indicates spiritual and/or parapsychological gifts. The red luminescent radiation in the center of the right palm is very singular BECAUSE IT REMINDS A STIGMATA. Over the years, having taken HUNDREDS OF THESE PHOTOGRAPHS, I have only seen such a sign once, in a young girl, who later got the stigmata. An area of ​​red luminescence is also observed in the left hand… both hands radiate blue bioplasma. Very fine granules of pure white radiation are inscribed in this background color. Considering that this is the color of the bioplasma endowed with the MAXIMUM THERAPEUTIC POWER, it would seem that the entire surface of the hands emanates pranic energy.

    Conclusions: today’s exam demonstrates excellent skills as a pranotherapist, partly already developed and partly still evolving”. AFTER 7 YEARS around 4 pm on that wonderful October 11, prof. Marco Margnelli arrived at my house accompanied by his wife. He embraced Fra’ Elia. She remembered him so perfectly that she had taken photos of his hands with her. “How can I follow you, now that I’ve found you? I only recently moved to Rome… we are too far away… you should come to Rome too…”. Elijah smiled and willingly let himself be examined again… 


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