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Secular Fraternity Regina Apostolorum

    Although with a different vocation, Fra Elia intends to welcome faithful Volunteers into his religious family under the title of “FRATERNITA’ SECOLARE REGINA APOSTOLORUM” (F.S.R.A.).
    The purpose of those who enter as Volunteers to be part of the Secular Fraternity Regina Apostolorum is to live the Gospel in their secular state, becoming messengers of peace in any situation in which they will find themselves, whether in the family or work environment, inspired by the rule of the Fraternity of Fra Elia of the Apostles of God.

    Volunteers will participate in the activities of Fra Elia’s Foundation without any obligation or compensation; thus said the Lord, “Wherever you go two by two, bless and give thanks, and if anyone sends you away take your shoes, shake off the dust and return home that I may refresh you.”

    Brothers who join F.S.R.A. will joyfully accept the three basic points of the Rule of the Apostles of God:

    • Ora et labora (prayer and work). As a tangible sign of belonging to F.S.R.A., the Volunteer brothers will dedicate part of their time to the work of Brother Elias, acting according to their talents and abilities so that projects according to Brother Elias’ intentions can be realized.
    • Pilgrims in the world and for the world. If it is necessary, within the limits of their own possibilities, the Volunteer Brothers will follow Brother Elias in his work of evangelization, going wherever he asks them to go.
    • Consolation to the needy. A word of comfort will not be lacking to anyone. Their motto will be, “If you are in need I am there…do not be afraid…you are not alone.”

    Living according to these three intentions of Fra Elia, will be the sign of belonging to the third Fraternity of Fra Elia, together with the Fraternity of Friars and the Fraternity of Sisters.
    The new Volunteer Brothers “Regina Apostolorum” by virtue of the baptism received, as witnesses in the love of poverty, obedience and purity of heart, will be able to bring the Word, Peace, Consolation. All this for a more just, more evangelical, more fraternal world, looking upon all people as God’s gift, glad to stand as equals with the poorest.

    Brother Volunteers of F.S.R.A. will also be recognized by certain outward signs:
    A Green cape: this cape will be adorned with a hand-painted Apostle. It will be worn in official ceremonies.
    A badge of recognition and membership.
    A sacred medal supported by a lace.

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