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Testimony of a man who seen Jesus

    Adelaide, Australia October 2022.
    Hi Fiorella, an American friend of mine sent me this testimony that I think is very important because it is about Fra Elia’s picture of Jesus.

    Seven years ago, while listening to Mass, an 80-year-old friend of mine along with his wife, (now dead) saw a man appear before the altar at the moment of the consecration. He stood in disbelief at his splendor, beauty and grace. He felt as if photographed. The apparition lasted five minutes.
    After Mass he asked his wife if she too had seen that person but because she suffered from Alzheimer’s she was unable to answer. From that moment my friend’s life changed. He did not talk to anyone about his experience until three years ago, after his wife’s death, when he decided to make his five children share it. Having been lukewarm about religion for so many years, he now communicated to his children that he believed in the existence of God in the most absolute way. His believing children, wept with emotion realizing how special their father’s vision had been. Then my friend also talked to a priest who was a family friend.

    My friend searched for 7 years for pictures of Jesus to show his children the one he had seen for 5 minutes during Mass, and while he found many, none of them even vaguely resembled the stunning face of his Jesus. All in vain.
    Until one day, following an interview on Polish TV with a young man who knew Fra Elia, he saw the picture of Jesus, which he recognized. “That is the face I have never forgotten…” At this point he began his search, not knowing where he was going with it.

    After laboriously searching for Mrs. Turolli’s address on Facebook and the books in English…. it was her who informed me that they were in Australia from Mrs. Rose Branca. So I contacted you dear Rose and you sent them to me. So I was able to explain who had taken that picture and where Fra Elia lived. Now he would like to ask through you, Mrs. Turolli or Fra Elia, for permission to be able to publish the photo of his Jesus in the book he intends to write about his experience, with note . He wants to make a donation, and sell all of Ms. Turolli’s books in the USA after regular contract. All the proceeds would go to the Fra Elia Foundation.
    I kindly thank you for your consideration in sharing this with your two friends in Italy. May God bless you.

    Rose Branca

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