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    Testimony of an Austrian priest who attended a meeting with Fra Elia in Germany.

    I have been home for a week and the memory of Fra Elia and all of you continues to be alive in me. The intense scent of roses,o which I personally savored accompanied me during the whole trip home, and I could smell it even in bed.

    I can assure you that for this I am happy, content and feel blessed. And with joy I write to you to give you my testimony.

    On the highway to Munich I got into a long traffic jam that lasted two hours, but the fragrance never left me, and this made me think that Fra Elia was with me and was accompanying me.

    For me, the experience in Wigratzbad was profound and very important and marked me very much.

    I will always remember it.

    Now I am struggling because I can barely talk about it with others. It is difficult to describe how I felt and to share such a moving experience with others.

    They were blessed days for which I feel very grateful.

    And to think that I came to Wigratzbad with no expectations and quite incredulous!!!

    And instead I achieved so much, more than I deserved.

    I am infinitely grateful to Fra Elia who allowed me to live next to him even in his private life. 

    Father John from Austria.

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