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Testimony of Prof. Bartholomew Courtenay

     Summary of the testimony sent to us by Professor Courtenay professor of medicine at the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. The professor has been an international researcher on the AIDS virus and is part of the team of scientists who discovered the AIDS virus. A Catholic, a Mariologist and a profound connoisseur on the phenomena of stigmata, he wrote a book on the German stigmatist Catherine Emmerick, from which Mel Gibson based his film “Passion.”

    To the brethren and sisters of the apostles of God.

    It was a great privilege for me to have had the opportunity of the experience of seeing and sitting next to Fra Elia during his Passion. I find it absolutely absurd that there can be any doubt about the authenticity of his Passion.

    There is absolutely no scientific explanation for this phenomenon nor is there any scientific justification for denying its authenticity.

    I heard someone say that the holes on Fra Elia’s wrists were not deep enough. What nonsense is this! Jesus does not allow anyone to experience the complete passion that He suffered. And so, for those who received the great grace of experiencing just a little of His suffering, it was intended so that they would appreciate the extreme and indescribable pain and anguish that He suffered for us, an unspeakable torture that words cannot describe. Fra Elia is a soul who suffers for us.

    Again, thank you for allowing me to visit Fra Elia in his room, to hold his hand. I consider all this a great privilege.

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