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The Corner of Prayer

    We publish a letter we received in recent days from a Polish girl living in France who is very devoted to Fra Elia

    This letter particularly struck us because of its tenderness and simplicity.

    Hello Fiorella, hello Fra Elia,

    I hope you are well.

    November 11, 2023 we have prepared our nest. God willing, it will stay there until Candlemas. Then forever, so I can have a corner to pray.

    My baby has a devotion to the Holy Family of the Nativity because he was born at Christmas and sleeps with a blanket of Baby Jesus and also to the Sacred Heart with a blanket of the Sacred Heart.

    I am sending you as a gift the photo of the corner I made. What do you think of my nest? Could you please pray to God to bless it? I hope God will bless it.

    On Christmas Day, December 25, 2023, my son will have the joy, if God gives us life, of celebrating Christmas, his birthday but also his baptism and first communion.

    My fiancé refuses to allow my mom to be present. She has tolerated her presence for the ceremony but not for the lunch. I don’t think my sister will want to come if mom doesn’t come.

    I’m worried about Christmas, because if God makes me angry on a holiday, I don’t want Mom, my sister, my nephew and his partner to be scattered here and there. I would have liked us all to be together under one roof and united.

    But I hope God will give us the grace that this Christmas will pass well and be a blessed and joyful day.

    May God bless you Fiorella and Fra Elia and thank you for your prayers.


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